About Us

Our company, established in 1980 to sell textile dyes, is offering all kinds of textile dyes (reactive, dispersed, direct, aside, basic, sulphur, pigment etc.) for all kinds of textile varieties (cotton, polyester, wool, silk, nylon, orlon, denim etc.)
Having a regularly updated dye stock extending 500 tons, we are able to provide textile dyes fitting to all kinds of dyeing factories. With our constant policy of affordable prices, we have strengthened our position in the market in recent years with our high-concentration products.
After considering the demand in markets in the past years, in addition to our normal import- export sales, we are also active in another line of work by buying and selling stock from businesses and companies with excess stock, and we are active in import – exporting to various countries.
In terms of our stock capacity, Sırma Chemicals is one of the leading companies in the world.

Countries which we import to /export from